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Content marketing is one of the most effective tools for business growth. It is a form of marketing strategy that creates, curates and publishes content to build trust, reach your target market, and generate leads.

Content marketing has its challenges to implement successfully. The main challenge is the time-consuming process from the initial research to writing the content, editing, optimizing for the search engines, and publishing.

However, not anymore with the help of Blogely. This article will explain the content marketing process and how Blogely can help you reduce your content marketing time, increase efficiency, and produce high-quality content.

Introduction To Blogely

Blogely states it’s the ultimate toolkit for content marketers – one place for all your content research, writing, optimization, collaboration and publishing. Well, let’s take a look.

Blogely is the swiss army knife for content marketing and uses a five simple step approach:

  1. Content Research
  2. Article Outline
  3. Writing Editing And Enhancing
  4. SEO Optimization
  5. Publishing And Promotion

Using Blogely’s Five Simple Steps For Successful Content Marketing

This section will look at how Blogely works using the five steps to reduce the time in creating high-quality content.

Before you start using Blogely, you need:

  • An idea or a topic on what you want to write about
  • A place to publish your content. This is typically your website or blog, or using any of the blogging platforms (Blogger, WordPress, Medium)

1. Content Research

The first thing is to research your topic. You would typically do this by looking on the Internet at different ideas and information that is currently relevant about your topic. One way to do this is to type your main topic into the Google search engine and check out all the websites currently ranking.

Blogely makes looking at content from relevant websites easy by crawling websites in the top one hundred positions to bring back content already ranking in the Google search engine for your related topic.

Simply add your main topic keyword into the research document.

Blogely starts crawling websites relevant to your topic.

You can now easily search through all the relevant content to your topic for ideas to include in your article. Click on the content transfer it over to your research document.

Continue to build your research document with all the related content to your topic. You can create several research documents to help gather all sorts of related ideas to create your article.

2. Article Outline

Now all your research is complete, you can start with creating your article outline.

Blogely uses ‘Blocks’ as your article outline with the blog’s title as an H2 header tag. These blocks allow you to add relevant content to each block easily, and you can also sort each block (article section) throughout your article.

create new block

Work your way through your research documents, start building your article outline using Blogley blocks.

3. Writing, Editing And Enhancing

You can now start writing your article by referring to your research documents on the left-hand side for inspiration and writing each section (block) on the right-hand side.

Enhance each section by adding video or images, formatting the size of the image to ensure it looks good when published and optimised to avoid any slow page load issues.

4. SEO Optimization

Within Blogely, you can connect your WordPress website to allow for direct publishing from Blogely to WordPress, so everything is controlled through the Blogely dashboard, and there is no need to open your WordPress website.

Blogely isn’t a keyword research tool, but it does have some capability of finding relevant keywords to your article, providing monthly search volume.

However, before you start your article, you really should know which keywords are relevant to your article and that you want your blog post to rank for in the Google search engine.

Within the SEO section, you add the following:

  • SEO (meta) title
  • Meta description
  • Select the website to publish the article
  • as the URL featured image
  • Select a featured image
  • Type in your main article keyword

Blogely will scan your article and show you twelve areas to optimise for your keyword.

The more places your article is optimised for your keyword, the higher score you get, and typically the more chance your article will rank well in the Google search engine

seo your article

5. Publishing And Promotion

As soon as you are happy with your article, it reads great, it’s engaging, it provides value for your reader, it’s been search engine optimised, then you’re ready to publish.

With your WordPress website connected to Blogely, select a few details, hit the publish button, and then your articles will be published to your blog in a few seconds.

Blogely enables you to add a ‘Table of Contents’, ‘Social Sharing Buttons’ and ‘Related Posts’ to the article. Also, includes a plagiarism checker to check the uniqueness of your article and no sign of duplicate content.

If you need to make any amendments, simply make as many changes as you like within Blogely, hit the publish button, and the changes are live.

How To Create Effective Content Marketing Plans With Blogely?

An editorial calendar is an important tool for content marketers because it helps them plan and organize their content. Companies use an editorial calendar to detail the topics they will discuss in their blog posts, social media posts, webinars, newsletters, videos, etc.

The editorial calendar also helps companies align their marketing campaigns with the needs of their target audience.

To maximise your content marketing efforts with consistent publishing, Blogely provides an editorial calendar where you can keep track of all your articles, whether they’re in a draft stage or have already been published.

Add future articles and content to your editorial calendar to give you a high-level view and ensure you are consistently publishing new fresh, interesting content.

Pros And Cons Of Blogely

Blogely is still a relatively new platform. Therefore, tweaks and changes are being carried out, and features and functionality are being added and changed to maximise the efficiency of your content marketing efforts. Therefore at the moment, Blogely is by no means the polished article but is getting close.

What we like about Blogely is it’s the Swiss army knife for content marketing.

From producing detailed research documents (from the top 100 websites already ranking for your article topic), the layout of the editor on the right-hand side and the research document on the left-hand side to increase efficiency with a detailed article outline and content creation, and with the one-button publish to make the article live on your website.

What Others Are Saying About Blogely

There’s been a lot of buzz about Blogely both across the internet and in the Blogely Facebook group. Blogely is still a new software, so that you would expect a few technical issues. But they get resolved very quickly with a very proactive owner.

Here are some of the comments from Blogely users:

“Blogely is a very helpful tool in marketing for smaller companies with limited budgets. I can see how this could be an excellent tool for a small business owner who wants to create content but doesn’t have the time or expertise to do it themselves. Users need to understand that Blogely cannot produce high-quality content that’s going to rank well in search engines.”

“I think that Blogely is going to become a really popular option for people who are looking for ways to create content without the stress and cost of hiring a professional writer.”

You always see mixed reviews, but many people find it helpful and enjoy using Blogely because they can quickly create good content without paying for writers.

Conclusion On The Blogely Review – Is It Worth It

Blogely is great for aspiring writers who want to start blogging but don’t know where to start. It has an easy-to-use interface and makes the content creation process fun and easy.

Blogely helps bloggers publish content quickly and effortlessly. It offers you a clear interface to focus only on what matters to you the most, your content. You can also schedule posts in advance, share your posts with collaborators and create multiple blogs.

Blogely certainly gets our recommendation for any small to medium-sized company, solopreneur or individual looking to start blogging.

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